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What’s New at WomensLaw?

WomensLaw staff is constantly updating the “plain language” legal information and resources on In addition to making sure that the existing information is up-to-date, staff also adds new information on a regular basis.

What’s new:

  • May 2022

    In our Connecticut State Gun Laws section, we revised I am a victim of domestic violence and the abuser has a gun. Is that legal? in order to add the following information that was inadvertently excluded from our website:

    • It illegal to possess firearms if there is a final protection order issued against the person;
    • A person can be denied a certificate to carry a revolver or pistol if s/he has an ex parte domestic violence relief from abuse order or an ex parte civil protection order due to sexual abuse, sexual assault, or stalking issued against them.

    Changes made in English; Spanish coming soon.

  • May 2022

    We translated into Spanish the question Where can I find additional information about divorce in Washington? on our Divorce section in Washington

  • May 2022

    Based on 2022 additions to the law, we did the following:

    1. Updated What types of alimony are available? in our Tennessee Divorce section to include: 1) the purpose of lump sum alimony; and 2) the fact that if the judge orders attorney’s fees for the divorce proceeding, the judge can include those fees in the lump sum alimony.
    2. Updated How will a judge make a decision about custody? in our Tennessee Custody section to reflect that a judge will consider whether a parent has failed to pay court-ordered child support for a period of three years or more as one factor when deciding custody.
  • May 2022

    We created a new Washington Housing Laws section with nine questions to explain the protections offered to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, unlawful harassment, and stalking. Spanish soon to come! We also added six related statutes to our Selected Washington Statutes page.

  • May 2022

    We added a statute related to small claims court to our Selected Maryland Statutes page.

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