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Amicus Briefs

An Amicus Curiae, or “friend of the court,” brief is a court document filed by organizations who are not participating in the litigation, but have a strong interest in the outcome of the case. NNEDV’s team of legal experts files or signs on to these briefs, often working closely with partner organizations, when we believe our voice can help inform the judges. Read through our filed Amicus briefs below.

  • Amicus Briefs NNEDV Joined in 2020

    Northwest Immigrant Rights Project v. USCIS, January 21, 2020 Here, the case is dealing with fee waivers that are available to U visa, T visa, and VAWA immigration applicants. The waivers still exist, in theory, but USCIS has taken action to severely restrict eligibility for a fee waiver. For example, the most common way a […]

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  • Amicus Briefs NNEDV Joined in 2019

    June Medical v. Gee, December 2, 2019 This is a Supreme Court case originating from Louisiana challenging Act 620. Act 620 requires that abortion services providers have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital (if the law stands, there will be only 1 eligible provider in all of Louisiana). Among other arguments, the brief discusses how […]

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