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For OVW Grantees

NNEDV provides training, resources, and technical assistance to assist U.S. DOJ Office of Violence Against Women Grant Programs (OVW grantees) in their critical work of supporting victim safety, holding perpetrators accountable, and, ending violence. Specifically, NNEDV can support OVW grantees in the following areas:

Technology & Confidentiality for Agencies & Innovative Partnerships:

NNEDV’s Safety Net project works with OVW grantees to effectively address a wide range of victim safety and confidentiality issues that arise when using a technology or data collection/information sharing system. In partnership with the Confidentiality Institute, National Sexual Violence Resource Center, Victim Rights Law Center, and Stalking Resource Center (a program of the National Center for Victims of Crime), Safety Net provides OVW grantees with:


Ongoing Assistance

We can answer individual questions or provide more in-depth reviews to assess and ensure your technology or data system implementation most effectively addresses victim safety and confidentiality issues, including compliance with the U.S. federal VAWA confidentiality provisions and state/territorial/tribal laws.

Trainings, Webinars, and Conferences

We train on a wide range of technology safety and privacy issues including the Use of Technology in Intimate Partner StalkingWhen Technology Meets Confidentiality: Strengthening Agencies and Services; and more.

Relocation Counseling & Identity Protection Initiative:

NNEDV’s Safety Net project, in partnership with Valenda Applegarth of Greater Boston Legal Services, works to ensure that OVW grantees have accurate information about available options and strategies for victims trying to relocate. We can address individual questions or provide trainings and information to groups regarding everything from preventing a survivor’s new home address from being disclosed online to understanding the challenging legal and practical obstacles surrounding name change and crossing state lines with minor children. Handouts include: Myths & Realities of Identity Change.

Transitional Housing Technical Assistance Projects:

NNEDV is the OVW Technical Assistance provider for the Transitional Housing Program Grantees. These TA projects provide training and technical assistance with an emphasis on building program capacity through a survivor-driven, empowerment-based approach. We provide programs with a range of educational opportunities and access to resources through national trainings and individualized assistance. Project activities include an annual new grantee orientation, trainings on specific topics related to providing longer term housing to survivors, teleconferences and webinars, shared resources and information on best practices, policy and protocol development, creating services beyond crisis intervention, and individualized site visits.

Coalition Technical Assistance Project:

As the OVW technical assistance provider for state domestic violence coalitions and dual domestic violence/sexual assault coalitions, NNEDV identifies and promotes best practices for serving victim populations with a variety of complex needs; convenes workgroups to develop new program models; identifies cross-cutting challenges and training requirements relative to victims with complex needs; maximizes exchanges of resources, materials and talent; coordinates training, conference calls and peer support; assists with problem-solving and program development; conducts population-specific training and offers individual and group technical assistance, local meetings and on-site consultations; and facilitates regional, topical and national meetings for coalitions.

NNEDV staff are ready to answer questions from OVW grantees:

  • You can contact NNEDV staff anytime using NNEDV’s Contact Us Online Form. In the form, simply select your desired Subject:{Technology Safety} or {Transitional Housing} or {State Coalitions} and it will automatically send your message directly to the project staff you want to reach.
  • You can also call the NNEDV office in Washington, DC at (202) 543-5566.